Presentation of an identification paper as well as the deposit of a security (see rental tarif) is a duty. Minors have to present a written authorisation signed by the parents or their responsible person. In no case, the security deposit can serve for a rent lengthening. The rents are payable in advance, by contract concluded rents are not refunded. The rental contract must be presented on the return of bikes.

(Decree 95-937 from 24/08/1995 article R.431-1-1 of the trafic regulations)

CYCLONAT rents bicycles wich correspond to the security standards.
CYCLONAT checks the function of the light (batteries), the back emitters and the bell with every lease.
CYCLONAT rents mounted and adjusted bikes (brake, saddle height, etc.)
CYCLONAT gives you with every lease an oral instruction as well as a written notice.
CYCLONAT points out to the fact that it is forbidden to change a leasehold bicycle, to carry out important repair in him, to sublet the bicycles, to go on the beach, to transport another passenger, apart from a child transported in a seat admitted for.
CYCLONAT make available children seats and helmets wich are approved by valid regulations
CYCLONAT make available security wests appropriated for norm (article R.431-1-1 of the road traffic regulations.
CYCLONAT points out to the fact that you have to respect the road traffic regulations.

The renter/customer is responsible for physical or material damages wich causes on the occasion of the use of the bicycle entrusted to him (article in 1383 and 1384 of the Civil Code).
heft, loss or damage: The tenant must assume for the equivalent of the bicycle or the repair amount and he must refund announcement at he gendarmerie.
CYCLONAT offers you the possibility to conclude a garantee with an own participation of 30% for theft, loss or repair.
The tenant understakes to treat carefully the bicycle, to look after his care, and to pay all damages resulted by him.
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